Newsletter Feb 2024

Nature Agency Introduces its First National Campaign – Connecting Canadians to Nature

Residents in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond were recently greeted with an out-of-home teaser campaign that began with just the letter ‘U’, followed two weeks later with ‘UR’. Over the next six weeks, the full message was revealed: YOU ARE NATURE. This inaugural campaign began our work at the Nature Agency — to connect Canadians with Nature, helping them understand and value Nature’s foundational role in supporting all life and human success on our Planet.

The campaign is also extended across Canada with TV, radio, and digital. Watch and listen for our spots, or visit our campaign website to view and listen to the commercials. There, you’ll also find the beginnings of our knowledge hub, a resource that brings education and introduces actions that people can take to protect, conserve, and promote Nature. There’s much to do, but with your support, we’ve started. We welcome your thoughts and comments on our work.

Thank You to our Funders, Partners, Collaborators, and Friends

An audacious plan like the Nature Agency requires strong, capable, supportive, and visionary partners. The Nature Agency’s six engaged founding directors have paved the path forward, with tremendous encouragement from a group of notable Canadian individuals, foundations, and corporations. With support from our media partners, Rogers Sports & Media and Adapt Media, our messaging appears nationally on TV, radio, digital, and out-of-home. And we’re just beginning.

Rogers Sports & Media / AD APT media
Small Change Fund

We are pleased to have established a partnership with national charity, Small Change Fund. And we extend a big thank you to North Family Foundation who has provided much impetus and foundational support for our work. Finally, we owe a gratitude of debt to our collaborators including Anekdot Film, GGRP Sound, Hamazaki Wong Marketing Group, Steph Song, and countless others who have supported our cause, and enabled our work. For that, and more — a world of thanks!

If you wish to contribute to our efforts, please donate below.

About Nature Agency

Creating something entirely new is no small challenge. But we’ve never lost our enthusiasm for our mission: using the power of marketing to educate, create awareness, and shift public attitudes toward Nature from indifference to urgent, active support. It’s time to reframe how society faces the many crises that threaten Nature and the well-being of every living creature on this Planet. We believe in positive communications to inspire, educate, and motivate people for the transformation we need. We will raise Nature’s voice in the marketplace of ideas and aspirations.

Our experience in crafting messages that are relevant and resonant with key audiences has brought us here, to apply modern methodologies in marketing, media, communications, data, AI, technology, and more, to deepen human engagement with our only client: Nature. If marketing can successfully sell cars, sneakers and burgers, surely it can sell the most valuable brand that exists, the one that underwrites all the rest — Nature. But in the marketplace, Nature lacks understanding, brand recognition, and loyalty. With your support, the Nature Agency will rectify that.

There has never been such a disconnect between humanity and Nature. Closing that gap is crucial to Nature’s well-being – and our own survival. The Nature Agency is a purpose-driven, Canadian not-for-profit social enterprise (1483590-5). We are concerned business people, marketers, creatives, communicators, storytellers, and knowledge keepers who know it’s time to give Nature Her voice. It’s up to us now.

If you know others who might share our vision, please share our news. Nature needs everyone, and every last one of us needs Nature. Thank you for your support and for joining us on this important journey! From the Nature Agency’s Founding Directors:

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